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Mission TU/ecomotive 2015

Nowadays, every car is adjusted to a certain need. Some cars are developed specifically for long journeys on a highway, while others are optimized for usage in an urban area. Car owners generally face the same problems. Energy prices are rising and your car loses most of its value within a couple of years. On top of that, pollution and waste remain a huge issue.

Modular and Sustainable
TU/ecomotive is tackling all these problems within one vehicle. This electrical vehicle is designed to be highly modular. Doing so, the car can be optimized for every drive. You can easily adjust your car to your specific needs. Furthermore, a modular car is very environmentally friendly in terms of both efficiency and waste reduction. Every day it can be adjusted, improved and optimized. Because the car changes with you, it will never become outdated.

Altogether, we are developing the car of the future. It deals with the largest challenges in the automotive industry, which are efficiency as well as long-term sustainability. The car is built to be road-legal and it will compete in the 2015 Shell-Eco Marathon UrbanConcept class. In that way we prove that the car performs optimally in every situation. We want to show the world that it’s time for the future. 


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